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Xopa Limited aims to provide a convenient and efficient solution for
both event ticketing and online voting needs, with a focus on ease of use, security, and reliability.
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Ticteq Africa

Events Tickets & Crowd Funding

Starting from creating your event and tickets to collecting your revenue, all you have to do is create your events and leave the rest to us, come back later and collect your revenue. all under one account and self service. Crowdfunding uses the power of social media and the internet to enable people to raise money, assist others in overcoming adversity, and achieve aspirational goals


Online Voting & Polls

Africavotes is the ultimate online voting platform that offers security, convenience, and ease of use. With our platform, organizers from around the world can easily conduct fan voting for their events, knowing that the results are accurate, transparent, and fully secure. Whether you're organizing a small-scale event or a large international pageant, Africavotes has got you covered!

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